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How we can work together

Whether it's developing the skills and expertise of a world-class IC team; defining how IC works best in your business; or engaging employees in the things that matter most; I can help.


Here’s how.


Shaping a world-class internal comms function

Imagine internal comms not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them. Being talked about for all the right reasons.

With the Internal Comms Expert Model™️, I can help make it happen. 


I'll dive into your business, understand where you stand and identify paths to excellence - getting to the heart of the why, how and what of IC in your business. And together, we'll define strategies that elevate your function to a standout success.


As your trusted advisor, I'm here for you, whether you need a guiding hand or comprehensive support every step of the way. Let's turn excellence in internal comms into your everyday reality.

Elevating internal comms skills and expertise 

Elevate your internal comms skills and expertise with the Internal Comms Expert Programme™️.


Whether you're an individual seeking growth or a team aiming for bespoke training, this programme adapts to your needs.


Immerse yourself in essential lessons covering everything from strategy development to crisis management, all delivered online. With options for individuals and tailored team sessions, it's the perfect blend of theory and practice for real-world application.


It's not just a confidence booster, it's the next step in your IC career.


Developing your strategic IC essentials

Enhance internal communications to global top-tier standards with my strategic support package.


Develop your strategic IC essentials:

  • IC strategy

  • IC audit

  • Internal audience personas

  • Measurement

  • Comms planning

Choose the areas you need support in, whether it's one or all.


You'll get access to specific training modules from the IC Expert Programme™️, tailored coaching, and hands-on support to develop your chosen IC essential e.g. IC strategy. And, you'll benefit from expert feedback and final output review - making sure you have the strategic IC essentials that are fundamental to team success.

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