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How we can work together

Whether it's developing the skills and expertise of a world-class IC team; defining how IC works best in your business; or engaging employees in the things that matter most; I can help.


Here’s how.


Internal communications

This is the strategic foundation and tactical approach for keeping employees informed, involved, interested and – crucially – active in what’s going on and coming up for the business. I can help you...


  • Build a world-class IC function using the IC Expert Model™️

  • Develop skills with the Internal Comms Expert Programme™️

  • Craft impactful comms plans and campaigns

  • Manage sensitive internal comms issues e.g. redundancy, leadership changes

  • Inspire your team with specific workshops, away days and team sessions 

Employee experience

Here, I work with you to curate the end-to-end experience your people have during their time with you. From the business-wide big picture right down to their day-to-day, it includes what they see, hear, learn and feel. This is about your culture. Typically, this might include:


  • Vision and strategy comms

  • Values and behaviours

  • Leadership and line manager communication

  • Diversity, inclusion and belonging

  • Employee wellbeing

  • Employee engagement 

  • Employee listening


Employer brand

These are the building blocks for connecting your people with your business, whether they’re new, with you already, or on the horizon. By discovering your difference and what makes you special, we can articulate it in a compelling way, get the word out, and help you deliver consistently on those promises inside your business. Typically, this includes:


  • Employee insight and research

  • Workshop planning and delivery

  • Attraction and retention

  • EVP concept and narrative

  • Visual identity

  • Full creative roll-out

  • Long-term embedding

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