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Internal Comms Expert Programme

I wish I had this when I was an in-house IC pro.

It would have made my life SO much easier.

Ready to step up and stand out? Of course you are.

Say hello to my IC Expert Programme.

A 9-week online course (in partnership with the legends at Comms Creatives) where you’ll discover the tools and techniques the best IC teams use to create IC strategies that work.

If you’re:

🏔️ Unsure how to create an IC strategy

⛰️ Uncertain how to best use your internal channels

🏔️ Feeling overwhelmed by the flood of comms requests

⛰️Wondering how to reach a diverse workforce with a clear and impactful message

🧞‍♂️ Looking for easy-to-use frameworks and simple templates

This course is for you.

When I was an in-house IC pro, I searched endlessly for a course that covered the whole spectrum of practical skills needed to be a great IC pro. Eventually, I gave up and told myself such a thing didn’t exist.

But now it does!

Think skills, strategy, tactics AND one-of-a-kind creativity techniques that Comms Creatives are renowned for.

All for £1,499 per person. You won't find this anywhere else. Believe me. I've checked.

It’s gonna be MEGA.

Want in?

Find out more and book your space with our partners at Comms Creatives.

Or maybe you like the sound of this for your whole team. I can run the full programme just for your business. Drop me an email on to explore.

Watch the video to see what the course covers, week by week.



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